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SCIEI Fellow

SCIEI kindly invites you to join in and work on the scientific and technical committees of the conferences and journals editorial boards. Fellowship in the SCIEI scientific and technical committees can open windows of opportunity for your professional growth and development. Through special scientific and technical committees and divisions, and numerous occasions for scientific and technical exchange with colleagues, SCIEI gives scientists the power to enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional options.

As a fellow of SCIEI
1. You may propose to organize and chair a new or existing SCIEI conference.
2. You will be assigned to be the committee or chair of the relevant SCIEI conference.
3. You will be invited to be the reviewer of the relevant SCIEI conference.
4. You can register the SCIEI conference with a discounted price.
5. You will be invited to deliver a keynote speech at the relevant SCIEI conference.
6. You will be invited to join the editorial boards of the SCIEI Journals.
7. You may set up a local section/chapter of SCIEI in your country.

Requirements for fellow nomination
1. Have accomplishments that have contributed importantly to the advancement or application of engineering, science and technology, bringing the realization of significant value to society;
2. Hold SCIEI senior membership;
3. Title required: full professor;
4. Character defined: sincere, responsible, confident, positive attitude towards joining/ assisting with all of SCIEI programs/ activities.
5.Dr. Degree with scanned version and curriculum vitae are essential to submit.

Download the Fellow Application form, send the form and resume to,

The fellow evaluation process
Fellows will be selected at the Chairs’ Annual Meeting which run at the end of each year from all the candidates, The selected list will be announced at the website respectively around January, the next year.