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Ando Tatsuo

Professor Ando Tatsuo was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1949. He conducted architectural studies at the University of Tokyo, mainly in durability and fire safety of building materials. Right after receiving the Master’s degree from the University of Tokyo in 1976, he joined Mitsubishi Chemical Industries, Ltd. (now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) and did research and development of advanced composite building materials for 39 years. During his tenure at Mitsubishi, he worked for 5 years at Mitsubishi Chemical America, in Virginia, USA as technical service manager of composites. He was also responsible for the corporate research and development for 3 years as head at the Research Center, Mitsubishi Chemical Functional Products, Inc. His major responsibility included aluminum laminated composite materials (ACM), carbon fiber composites and refractory alumina fiber mostly for building sector. He has been an active member of Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ), and Japan Association of Fire Science and Engineering (JAFSE). He was also one of the national delegates to ISO/TC92/SC1 (Fire Initiation and Growth) for 15 years. His current interest covers the fire safety of building materials, mainly combustible composite materials used for façade and interior finish. He has been engaged in campaigning worldwide to make people aware of the fire safety of facades.

In April 2015 he came back to the University of Tokyo as an academic support at the Department of Architecture and is currently engaged in research and development of fire tests including JIS A1310:2015 “Test method for fire propagation over building facades.” and JIS A1320:2017 “Reaction to fire test for sandwich panel building interior systems --- Box test.”

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